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Eastern Washington University Lectureship in Africana Studies

Deadline: August 1 (review begins)

Length: 9 months (2014-15 — will conduct tenure-track search in 2014)

Comments: Primary responsibilities: “1) Teach three courses per quarter based on program’s needs. The successful candidate should have experience and/or interests in teaching some of the following courses: Introduction to Africana Studies (AAST 101), Early African American History prior to 1877 (AAST 215), , African History(AAST 315), African American Women’s History (AAST 430) and other classes as assigned. ”



Florida A and M University Assistant Professorship in Sociology

Deadline: July 31 (posted on 7/24)

Length: Tenure-track (starts Autumn 2014)

Comments: “Areas of interest are open, however, preferred areas of interest include global issues, social justice issues, demography, or terrorism. Additional areas may include gender, sexuality or religion.”


University of Minnesota-Mankato Instructorship in Ethnic Studies

Deadline: July 17

Length: Unstated (starts August 2014)

Comments: Candidate to “engage in research and have an active publishing/presentation agenda in one of the four main areas of Ethnic Studies (American Indian Studies, African American Studies, Latino American Studies, and Asian American Studies) [and] incorporate race, ethnicity, and gender from a multicultural perspective in teaching and research.”

URL: Minn-Mankato job

Clemson University Lectureship in Philosophy

Deadline: July 7 (but posted on HigherEd Juy 3)

Length: Unstated

Comments: To “teach introductory level philosophy courses and the ability to teach continental and/or feminist philosophy would be a plus.

URL: Clemson Phil

University of New Haven Visiting Assistant Professorship in Philosophy

Deadline: Review begins immediately

Length: Unstated (starts in Autumn 2014)

Comments: “Research specialization is open and work on topics related to race, culture, gender and global issues would be a plus.”