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Deadline: Review begins immediately (posted on HigherEdJobs 11/11)

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We seek a scholar whose research interests are in the area of human rights as it pertains to communities that are marginalized or disenfranchised within the context of the US and/or internationally. Preference will be given to candidates who examine inequality globally and adopt a comparative perspective. Areas of interest could include: immigration and migration, law, political economy, the state, transnationalism, displacement, refugees, health and migration, disability studies, environment/sustainability, gender/sexuality, race/ethnicity, indigenous and/or Native American theory, and genocide/political violence.” “Candidate requirements include a Ph.D. in human development, human rights, cultural studies, gender studies, sexuality studies, or related fields.”



University of South Florida Postdoctoral Position in Social Sciences and Humanities

Deadline: December 2

Length: 1 year with possible renewal

Comments: “The over-arching theme for this program is Global Change in a Dynamic World. Potential themes include (but are not limited to) sustainability; sustainable development; hazard and disaster management; climate change; population changes; technology and information issues; communication and language development; cultural diasporas; ethnicity, gender, and aging issues; cultural heritage and histories; digital humanities; citizenship; identity; health, economic, education, and environmental disparities; political economy; ethics; human rights; animal rights; peace and conflict studies; injury and violence; security and surveillance issues.”

“Applicants must have a doctoral degree in one of the following disciplines: Anthropology; Communication; English; Geography, Environmental Science and Policy; Government and International Affairs; History; Philosophy; Sociology, or an affiliated program, earned no earlier than 2014.”


Harvard University Mahindra Center Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship 2018-19

Deadline: December 1

Length: 1 year

Comments: Theme is “migration and the humanities.” ” The issues the seminar will explore include: the ethics of hospitality; modes of cosmopolitanism; negotiation of cultural “differences” under duress; the role played by interpretation and cultural translation in enhancing processes of social integration.” Must have earned PhD after May 2014 and before or during August 2017.


Princeton University Institute for International and Regional Studies Postdoctoral Fellowship 2017-18

Deadline: January 9

Length: 12 months

Comments: “Postdoctoral associates would participate in the activities of the PIIRS research community ‘Migration: People and Cultures across Borders.’” Focus will be “primarily on contemporary concerns, although historical perspectives are also welcome. Among the themes of interest are migration and the politics of nationhood (including identities, race, gender issues, and borders); statelessness and refugees; language, culture, and the arts.


Central European University-Budapest Postdoctoral Fellowship in Religious Studies

Deadline: November 1

Length: 2 years

Comments: Theme is “Striking from the Margins.” “Applications are invited for researchers working in one of the three thematic fields: The political economy of structural marginalization and socio-economic, cultural and geographical segmentation; Transnational and global jihadist networks and the reconfiguration of the margins; Gender as a transversal perspective cutting across all previous themes.”


Yale University Associate Directorship of the Center for the Study of Race and Indigeneity

Deadline: Unstated (posted 4/5)

Length: Ongoing

Comments: “The Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration (RITM) at Yale University advances intellectual work related to ethnic studies and intersectional race, gender and sexuality research.  Reporting to the Director of the RITM Center, the Associate Director will manage the full range of administrative, financial, fundraising, research, educational and outreach activities of the Center.


Job# 36856BR

University of California-Riverside Assistant Professorship in Indigenous Studies

Deadline: January 4 (first review date)

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “Preference will be given to candidates with one or more of the following research interests and expertise:

*Candidates whose research focus is Native American/Indigenous arts and knowledge, including, but not limited to: art, art history, comparative global Indigenous studies; dance; digital arts and new media; education; environmental justice/sustainability; film and visual culture; gender, queer, and sexuality studies; history; Indigenous methodologies; languages; legal studies; literary studies; music; performance and media arts; politics; public policy; public/contemporary art; sociology; sovereignty; and/or theater. Particular consideration will be given to scholars working in the field of California Indian Studies and scholars who are engaged in community-based research.

*Candidates with an interest in exploring scholarly and artistic intersections, interdisciplinary, community-based, and/or international collaboration.

*Candidates with expertise in Native American/Indigenous global health; Indigenous medical knowledge with a research orientation that recognizes connections between history, culture, policy and physical health of humans and the environment; Indigenous science and technology studies; property and intellectual rights vis-à-vis medicine; and/or health and social justice.”