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Harvard University Postdoctoral Fellowship — Inequality in America

Deadline: January 16

Length: 2 years with possible renewal for a 3rd

Comments: Seeking recent PhDs working in one of the following research areas.


Washington University of St. Louis Mark Steinberg Weil Early Career Fellowship in Humanities

Deadline: January 4

Length: 2 years

Comments: “We seek scholars from within a broad range of humanities disciplines or interdisciplinary fields and are especially interested in candidates who bring with them experience in community-based projects, data science in the humanities, and/or the urban humanities.”

URL: Job 35086

Emory University Visiting/Dissertation Completion Fellowship

Deadline: February 7

Length: 1 year

Comments: “We are interested in supporting the completion of dissertation projects across the spectrum of the humanities that examine the origins, evolution, impact and legacy of race, difference, and the modern quest for civil and human rights. We also support research projects that examine race and ethnicity and its points of intersection with other identities and movements addressing differences along gender, class, religious, or sexual lines.”


Harvard University Mahindra Center Mellon Postdoctoral Fellowship 2018-19

Deadline: December 1

Length: 1 year

Comments: Theme is “migration and the humanities.” ” The issues the seminar will explore include: the ethics of hospitality; modes of cosmopolitanism; negotiation of cultural “differences” under duress; the role played by interpretation and cultural translation in enhancing processes of social integration.” Must have earned PhD after May 2014 and before or during August 2017.


Hampshire College Assistant Professorship in Diasporic Youth Studies

Deadline: November 1

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We seek scholars with experience investigating young people’s cultural, social, and political engagements in and across community, national, and/or transnational spaces. We seek applications from scholars in the areas of childhood studies, critical youth studies, sociology of childhood and youth, or anthropology of childhood and youth. Successful candidates will have experience with teaching and research related to critical ethnic studies, critical race studies, and possibly additional critical perspectives such as feminist studies, critical urban education, and/or queer studies; and will also guide independent student research in these and related areas of inquiry. ”


Rutgers University Assistant Professorship in Childhood Studies

Deadline: November 6

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “The disciplinary affiliation of an applicant is of less importance than the quality of his/her research and the demonstrated appreciation for multidisciplinary approaches to the study of children and childhood. We are particularly interested in receiving applications from those whose areas of interest may include but need not be limited to health, children’s or youth’s sexualities, media and communication, under-served populations and both national and international contexts.” “Applicants must have earned their Ph.D. in Childhood Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Public Policy, Communications, Health Studies or related field”


Eastern Kentucky University Associate/Assistant Professorship in Human Development and Family Studies

Deadline: April 13

Length: Tenured/tenure-track

Comments: “he successful candidate will teach courses in apparel design & merchandising and child & family studies. Courses could include but are not limited to merchandising, apparel production, social & psychological aspects of dress, lifespan development, identity & sexuality, and marriage & family, with the possibility of teaching specific courses online and during the winter and summer sessions.”