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Penn Fisher Research Fellowship in the History of Nursing

Deadline: December 31
Length/Amount: Up to $5,000\
Comments: Funding “for historical research related to nursing”; “the scholarships are open to those with
masters’ and doctoral level preparation”


Nantucket Historical Association Verney Fellowships

Deadline: December 31
Length/Amount: Up to $1500
Comments: “Topics of research for recent scholars have included health aboard whaleships, women at sea, scrimshaw, samplers, local artists, Nantucket’s architectural heritage, Quakerism, the African-American and Cape Verdean communities, the Quaise Asylum, and abolitionism”

John Carter Brown Library Ekstrom Research Fellowships

Deadline: December 15 in 2012
Length/Amount: 2-4 months/$2,100 a month
Comments: “For research on the history of women and the family in the Americas prior to 1825, including the question of cultural influences on gender formation

Beinecke Library Visiting Scholar Fellowships

Deadline: December 7 in 2012
Length/Amount: 1 month/$4,000
Comments: Beinecke “collections are particularly strong in Medieval, Renaissance, and 18th-century Europe; American literature; Western Americana; 19th-century imperialism; African American culture; British literature; gay, lesbian, and transgender studies; transatlantic Modernism; postwar counterculture; contemporary American poetry”

National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Holley Law Fellowship

Deadline: December 31 (for summer), August 31 (for fall), November 30 (for spring)
Length: “part- or full-time each semester and full-time each summer”; “Summer Holley Law Fellows receive a substantial stipend”
Comments: “Holley Law Fellows work in the Task Force Public Policy and Government Affairs Department, which has four lawyers working on local, state, and federal policy”; “1Ls, 2Ls, 3Ls and LL.M. candidates are eligible”

Equal Rights Center Internships in Civil Rights and Communication

Deadline: Review begins December 7
Length: January-May 2013
Comments: To work in “each of our program areas: fair housing, disability rights, immigrant rights, testing, communications, corporate collaborations, and an emerging LGBT initiative

Max Planck Predoctoral Position in the History of Science

Deadline: December 31
Length: 1-2 years (with possible extension)
Comments: “The position is awarded in conjunction with the research project The Construction of Norms in 17th– to 19th-Century Europe and the United States“; “Although projects must have a history of science component, this may be in either the natural or the human sciences, with relevant disciplinary perspectives including history of psychology, legal history, history of medicine, technology studies, disability studies, linguistics, comparative literature, history of philosophy, and others”; “this research group works on deafness and hysteriafrom the early seventeenth to the late nineteenth centuryas two sites of conflicting new conceptions of the human”