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Pitzer College Visiting Assistant Professorship in Philosophy

Deadline: March 31

Length: 1 year

Comments: “We seek candidates who work in the area of Contemporary and 20th Century Continental Philosophy. A successful candidate should be competent to teach “Continental Thought” (an historical survey of post-Kantian Continental European philosophy). Ability to teach in value theory (broadly construed), Nonwestern philosophy or philosophy of race and gender would also be desirable.”


Knox College Visiting Assistant Professorship in Early Modern Literature

Deadline: March 8

Length: 1 year

Comments: Seeking candidates “with a strong interest in Shakespeare. Secondary fields (including but not limited to: early American, queer theory, multiethnic literatures, and/or film studies) are desirable.”

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Knox College Assistant Professorship in Women, Gender, and US History

Deadline: March 21

Length: 1 year

Comments: “Candidates should specialize in U.S. History since 1865 with fields in Women’s and Gender History. Preference given to candidates who are ready to teach the histories of traditionally underserved populations in the U.S.”


Florida International University Instructorship in 19th Century British Victorian Literature and Culture

Deadline: March 20

Length: Non-tenure, ongoing

Comments: “Possible subspecialties include empire, race, gender, and sexuality studies.”

URL: http

Skidmore College Visiting Assistant Professorship in Cultural Anthropology

Deadline: March 15

Length: 1 year

Comments: “We seek a broadly trained cultural anthropologist with fieldwork experience in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South Asia or another geographic area that complements existing faculty expertise in East Asia, Latin America, and North America. We seek candidates with topical interests that complement existing department offerings, including environment, gender and sexuality, linguistics, medical anthropology, and religion.


Haverford College Visiting Assistant Professorship in Philosophy

Deadline: March 17

Length: 1 year

Comments: “AOS: Continental Philosophy (broadly construed and including, but not limited to, any of the following: phenomenology, Latin American philosophy, Marxism, and feminist philosophy), AOC: Open; must be able to teach a historically oriented introduction to philosophy.”


University of York Lectureship in British and World History 19thC-Present

Deadline: March 13

Length: Tenure-track equivalent

Comments: “The Department’s preference is for candidates working on Britain’s relationship with Europe, Empire or other geographies; on areas such as gender and transnational networks; and with the potential for public policy engagement.”