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Arizona State University-Phoenix Lectureship in Social Psychology

Deadline: July 22

Length: 1 year (starts August 2014)

Comments: “Teaches four sections of social science (e.g., social psychology, human sexuality, human development) courses per semester at the ASU Downtown Phoenix Campus. The courses may include social psychology, human sexuality, introductory psychology, or human development.”  Preferred: “Ph.D. in social science related to social psychology, human sexuality, and human development and four years of social science teaching experience in these disciplines.”


University of Minnesota-Mankato Instructorship in Ethnic Studies

Deadline: July 17

Length: Unstated (starts August 2014)

Comments: Candidate to “engage in research and have an active publishing/presentation agenda in one of the four main areas of Ethnic Studies (American Indian Studies, African American Studies, Latino American Studies, and Asian American Studies) [and] incorporate race, ethnicity, and gender from a multicultural perspective in teaching and research.”

URL: Minn-Mankato job

Clemson University Lectureship in Philosophy

Deadline: July 7 (but posted on HigherEd Juy 3)

Length: Unstated

Comments: To “teach introductory level philosophy courses and the ability to teach continental and/or feminist philosophy would be a plus.

URL: Clemson Phil

University of Rhode Island Lectureship in Economics

Deadline: July 15

Length: 1 year (2014-15) with possible extension depending on funding

Comments: “Teach undergraduate courses in economics, including principles of micro- and macroeconomics“; “reference also shown for a candidate qualified to teach in one of the following areas: the economics of race, class, and gender; industrial organization; and/or research methods.”


University of Sydney Postdoctoral Research Associate Researchship at the ARC Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions

Deadline: July 6

Length: 2.5 years (beginning January 1, 2015 at the latest)

Comments: “The applicant would be required to develop a research project within the ‘Meanings’ program of the CHE, related to the relationship/s between love, sexuality, and marriage in the European Middle Ages (CE 1100-1500) as our Centre of Excellence is based around European Emotions 1100-1800.”

URL: USydney job

University of Cape Town Lectureship/Senior Lectureship in Anthropology

Deadline: July 21

Length: Equivalent to tenure-track (begins ASAP after January 1, 2015)

Comments:  Teaching in Anthropology Section of School of African and Gender Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics; ” Applicants for the Lectureship should have, or will have completed by the time of appointment, a PhD in Social and/or Cultural Anthropology and have at least a small and growing publication record.”