Monthly Archives: May 2016

Rhodes University Lectureship/Senior Lectureship in Anthropology

Deadline: June 30

Length: 5 years

Comments: “Experience in teaching and research in some of the following disciplinary areas: Medical and/or Environmental Anthropology, Genetics and Anthropology, Anthropological Theory, Gender relations/Gender theory, Anthropology of the body, Anthropology of food or consumption, Economic Anthropology, Physical Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Childhood and Youth, Urban and Political Anthropology is required.”



University of Houston Lectureship in History

Deadline: May 25

Length: 1 year with possibility of renewal

Comments: “Applicants may specialize in any time period or region, but the History program is especially interested in applicants with the ability to teach junior- or senior-level courses dealing with Asia, Africa, or Women/Gender. Secondary areas of interest in Critical Race Studies or Latino Studies are also welcome. It is essential that applicants’ areas of competence include the ability to teach at least two of the following courses: U.S. History, to 1877; U.S. History, since 1877, World History, to 1500; or World History, since 1500.”


University of Virginia Visiting Assistant Professorship/Instructorship in Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages and Cultures

Deadline: May 23

Length: 1 year (2016-17)

Comments: ” Subject areas of particular need include, but are not limited to, Persian Literature and Women’s Literature in the Arab World.”


College of William and Mary Visiting Assistant Professorship in European and Russian/Post-Soviet Studies

Deadline: May 22

Length: 1 year (2016-17)

Comments: “We seek an individual with expertise in Russian/Soviet History, who is also able to teach a core course in European Studies.” “Research and teaching expertise in fields such as state socialism, the First and/or Second World Wars, post-socialist societies, migration, regionalism, and identity politics are particularly welcome.”


Marian University Visiting Assistant Professorship in Philosophy and Cultural Studies

Deadline: June 15

Length: 1 year (2016-17)

Comments: “An AOS in social and political philosophy, and some combination of feminist theory, philosophy of race, or queer theory, and an AOC in applied ethics preferred.”


Wayne State University Assistant Professorship in Art History

Deadline: June 1 (for 2016 start)

Length: Apparently tenure-track

Comments: “Teach undergraduate courses in art history including Introduction to African Art, African-American Art, Art of the African Diaspora, Performance Art of the Black Atlantic, & Race & Gender in Visual Culture. Instruct graduate students in Black Modern & Contemporary Art & Visual Culture. Advise students.”


Macalester College Assistant Professorship in Sociology

Deadline: October 1 (for August 17 start)

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We seek to hire a sociologist whose primary teaching and research interests are the sociology of race and ethnicity.”  “Preferably, the new faculty member would also welcome the opportunity to teach courses in one or more of the following specializations: immigration and immigrant populations, the sociology of culture, sociology of family, sex and gender, sociology of work, and research methods – qualitative, quantitative, or network analysis.”