Monthly Archives: August 2015

Bowdoin College Assistant Professorship in Sexuality Studies

Deadline: October 30

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “We seek a scholar working at the intersections of gender and sexuality and especially welcome applications from those working in one of our three key areas of interest: critical sexuality studies, sexuality in national/transnational contexts, and intersectionality/critical race theory.” “We are particularly interested in candidates whose work overlaps with traditional social science fields.”


Williams College Gaius Charles Bolin Dissertation and Post-MFA Fellowships

Deadline: November 15 (link to application live on September 15)

Length: 2 years

Comments: ”

The Bolin Fellowships are two-year residencies at Williams, and two scholars or artists are appointed each year. Fellows devote the bulk of the first year to the completion of dissertation work—or in the case of MFA applicants, building their professional portfolios—while also teaching one course as a faculty member in one of the College’s academic departments or programs. The second year of residency (ideally with degree in hand) is spent on academic career development while again teaching just one course.

Eligibility: The Bolin Fellowships are awarded to applicants from underrepresented groups, including ethnic minorities, those who are first-generation college graduates, women in predominately male fields, or disabled scholars.”


Loyola University of Chicago Assistant Professorship in French and Francophone Studies

Deadline: Review begins 10/15 but “Preference will be given to applications received before 1 December 2015”

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “This position’s expertise in French/Francophone literature and culture also serves the Interdisciplinary Programs in International Studies, European Studies, African Studies and the African Diaspora, and Islamic World Studies. Possible sub-specializations may include, but are not limited to, cultural studies, film and visual arts, women’s and gender studies, literary theory, and philosophical approaches to literature.”


Harvard University Warren Postdoctoral Fellowship in History

Deadline: December 15

Length: 1 year

Comments: 2016-17 topic is “Imagining History, Doing Politics: The Uses and Disadvantages of the Past.” “We seek scholars investigating how diverse invocations and imaginings of the historical past have provided the foundation for political thought and action in an array of hemispheric settings. Our aim is to explore how people recover and construct the past in order to situate their struggles in the present and envision possible futures, while also considering the ethical, aesthetic, epistemological, and, above all, political questions raised by such marshalings of historical memory. Scholars from the humanities and social sciences working on all periods of history in the Americas are invited to apply.”


Macalester College Assistant/Associate Professorship in African American History

Deadline: November 15

Length: Tenure-track/tenured

Comments: Post-1861. ” Preference for candidates who can teach African-American history in a global context. Possible area of specialization could include progressive reform; public history; gender history; the history of social and political movements; the history of diasporic intellectual, artistic and political movements; or the history of African and Caribbean immigration to the United States.”


Macalester College Assistant Professorship in the History of Modern Europe

Deadline: November 1

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: Post-1789.”Possible area of specialization could include European empires; medicine and health policy; intellectual history and theory; international relations and/or politics; women and gender; environmental history; migrations and population movements; or urban history. Geographic fields open.”



Washington State University Assistant Professorship in Human Development

Deadline: November 30

Length: Tenure-track

Comments: “The successful candidate will establish an independent program of scholarly research related to any of the following areas: a) social and health disparities; b) program development, implementation and evaluation c) community collaborative approaches; and d) translational research; leading to refereed (i.e., peer-reviewed) scholarship, and write proposals pursuing internal and external funding.” Preferred qualifications include “Lifespan perspective with applied expertise in one or more of the following areas:
—Research in social and health disparity issues related to race/ethnicity, ability, class, gender, sexual orientation, or other dimensions of difference and social justice.”