Monthly Archives: December 2012

Penn Fisher Research Fellowship in the History of Nursing

Deadline: December 31
Length/Amount: Up to $5,000\
Comments: Funding “for historical research related to nursing”; “the scholarships are open to those with
masters’ and doctoral level preparation”


Nantucket Historical Association Verney Fellowships

Deadline: December 31
Length/Amount: Up to $1500
Comments: “Topics of research for recent scholars have included health aboard whaleships, women at sea, scrimshaw, samplers, local artists, Nantucket’s architectural heritage, Quakerism, the African-American and Cape Verdean communities, the Quaise Asylum, and abolitionism”

UConnecticut Predoctoral Fellowship in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Deadline: March 1
Length: 1 year
Comments: Must “be enrolled in a PhD program or be within one year post-MFA in the liberal arts and sciences, fine arts, or education field at schools other than UConn”; must “
ave a demonstrated commitment to the advancement of diversity and to increasing opportunities for underrepresented or disadvantaged groups”
URL: Predoctoral Fellowship

John Carter Brown Library Ekstrom Research Fellowships

Deadline: December 15 in 2012
Length/Amount: 2-4 months/$2,100 a month
Comments: “For research on the history of women and the family in the Americas prior to 1825, including the question of cultural influences on gender formation

Beinecke Library Visiting Scholar Fellowships

Deadline: December 7 in 2012
Length/Amount: 1 month/$4,000
Comments: Beinecke “collections are particularly strong in Medieval, Renaissance, and 18th-century Europe; American literature; Western Americana; 19th-century imperialism; African American culture; British literature; gay, lesbian, and transgender studies; transatlantic Modernism; postwar counterculture; contemporary American poetry”

Tulane Newcomb College Administrative Assistant Professor/ Director of Student Leadership Engagement

Deadline: Unstated (posted 12/5)
Length: “Permanent”
Comments: “A full-time position that designs, implements, and oversees leadership development, curricular, and co-curricular opportunities that support and enhance undergraduate women’s leadership experience at Tulane University, in the community, and in preparation for their future academic and professional goals”

SSEA Missy Eldredge Scholarship

Deadline: Continuous
Length/Amount: Unstated
Comments: “Any scholar interested in the role of the family in Ancient Egypt is eligible”; one undergraduate and one graduate scholarship awarded; must be nominated by department faculty